I don’t want those expensive candies !

An ordinary picture in order to tell people to stop ' romanticising ' everything.

Just to put it in a simple way let’s imagine a scenario, today you wanted to eat a pizza, you were dying to eat that pizza from the latest pizza store but suddenly your uncle dropped by and gave you an expensive box of chocolates. What do you do now ? I would have kept them in kitchen and gone back to thinking about the pizzas. Well, I am pretty focused you know .

My life has been the same, I know most of you well start lecturing me about ‘IDEA OF GRATITUDE’ in your head but c’on that’s what this blog is about. Even if I struggled for 19 out of 23 years of my life, and struggled really severely and now all you can see is a strong, bad ass, savage girl who is capable of achieving big things, can you really say I should be grateful ? I would have been if I really cared about what I was being served. I was born with a mental disability, disability to read and write, speech disability, problem in retaining certain things. I wasn’t supposed to do Or achieve what I have trying to achieve.

What is correct? Living an easy life ? Or a life full of struggles and growth? Well, I say both are but this choice entirely a choice of an individual. The type of life one desires can not and should not be told by others. A fish can not fly because it is not supposed to.

Who knows which way my life would be easier? But all I want to say is STOP ROMANTICISING PAIN, PROBLEMS, LOSSES. A LOSS IS A LOSS.

Published by says kinmokusei

“When you stop doing things for fun, you might as well be dead." (As simple as this)

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